Descriptive English 1st Edition

B. K. Publication [Descriptive English 1st Edition For Competitive Examinations, Paperback] By S. J. Thakur & S. K. Rout

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B. K. Publication [Descriptive English 1st Edition for Competitive Examinations, Paperback] by S. J. Thakur & S. K. Rout


The book ‘Descriptive English’ is designed on the premises of originality, lucidity, intelligibility and accessibility. The book in its nearly behemoth stature covers all relevant skills i.e. Writing Skills (Essay, Paragraph, Expansion of Ideas, Precis, Report Writing, Letter Writing and Descriptive Comprehension), Verbal Skills, Grammar Skills to cater to the needs of aspirants for a wide spectrum of competitive examinations ranging from Union and States’ civil services examinations, IBPS conducted examinations to IFS, CDS, NDS, TGT, PGT and Railways and SSC Examinations. The topics for essays have current utility and have been asked in various recent competitive examinations. It’s also a fact with paragraph and expansion writing. Previous years’ topics are widely covered in this section. In the Verbal Skills and Grammar Skills also this trend is taken care of.

Table of Contents: 

1. Essay Writing
2. Paragraph Writing
3. Expansion Writing
4. Precis Writing
5. Report Writing
6. Letter Writing
7. Descriptive Comprehension
8. Verbal Skill
Synonyms & Antonyms
Paronyms & Homonyms
Idioms & Phrases
One Word Substitution
Important Word List
Phrasal Verbs
Foreign Words and Phrases
Prefixes & Suffixes
Words Used Noun & Verb
9. Grammar Skills
Tense & Time
Modal Auxiliary
Non-finite Verb Forms
The Preposition
Direct & Indirect Narrations
Transformation of Sentences
Punctuation & Use of Capital Letters


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