Bharatiya Itihas (Indian History)

Magbook Bharatiya Itihas (Indian History) (English) Paperback] by Rajan Sharma, Parul Tyagi

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Publisher: Arihant Publication PVT LTD

Language: English

Author: Rajan Sharma, Parul Tyagi


[Magbook Bharatiya Itihas (Indian History) (English) Paperback] by Rajan Sharma, Parul Tyagi

MacBook Series comprehensively covers the syllabus of General Studies’ portion of the UPSC and State PSC Preliminary Examination in concise and notes format. With the unique advantage of both magazines and books, it will immensely help the students in Easy Remembrance and Quick Revision.
This MacBook for Indian History is equipped with Chapter wise Practice Questions to Build Your Confidence and skill adaptations. Given in the book, Focus topics, and Trend of Questions of Previous Years’ Civil Service Exams are the major Highlights of the Book. The book also gives Subject wise detailed solutions of Previous Years’ Civil Services Exams (2017-2010) and 5 Practice Sets to help you analyze your Studies before the Exams.

Table of Contents

Ancient, Medieval and Modern Indian History- The Stone Age, Indus Valley Civilization, The Vedic Age, The First Territorial States, Religious Movements of Mahajanapada Age, The Mauryan Empire, The Sangam Age, Post-Mauryan Period, The Gupta Age, The Post-Gupta Era, The Sultanate of Delhi, Provincial Kingdoms, Religious Movements, The Mughal Empire, The Maratha Empire, Mughal Decline and Rise of Regional States, Emergence of European Powers in India, Tribal and Peasant Uprisings, Governor Generals and Viceroys, Development of Modern Education and Press, Revolt of 1857, Social and Religious Reform Movements, Growth of Nationalism and Struggle for Independence (1885-1919), Struggle for independence Second Phase (1919-1927), Struggle for independence Third Phase (1927-1939), Struggle for Independence Fourth Phase (1940-1947), Religion and Philosophy, Music Dance Theatre and Festivals, Indian Architecture and Painting Schools
Chronological Panorama of Indian History, Glossary,
5 Practice Sets
Previous Years’ Solved Papers Set 1 and 2.


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